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The original blog author claims to have studied religion for several years; this is likely true, because very few people realize that ancient Sumeria is the overwhelming origin of much of the Old Testament, which he notes and happens to be true.  The blog author suggests that Jews of Poland butchered ethnic Germans caught on that side of the international border after WWI, smashed the windows of their shops and homes, and painted a “D” for Deutshe (German) on their backs as they fled hoping to reach their German homeland.  This is very interesting because it would then indicate that the “Kristallnacht” in Germany, blamed on the Germans, but thought by some to have been a Zionist action, is a “Jewish” tactic from Poland. The concept of being forced to wear something to name one’s ethnic group, in this case with a “D”, may have provoked Hitler, as the original blogger thinks, to force Jews to wear the Star, tit for tat.  Lots of interesting material in this blog for “beginner” readers, and serious researchers to follow up and corroborate.

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And now for the blog, “The Zionist Narrative“:
I grew up in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood in North Miami Beach, Florida. I played little league baseball, first, for the Jewish War Vets, and later for Wolfies, a Jewish delicatessen. In 1812, my first relatives boarded ships and crossed the Atlantic to break bread in the new land. Their names are Moses, and Sarah Kiple. These relatives came from a long line of Jews and Europeans who had assimilated into German, and Swiss cultures. The names of friends I grew up with include, P. Shindler, J. Reigle, J. Kerstein, M. Lazar, M. Kaplan, K. Cohen, K. Sprechman, E. Solomon, L. Dorn, J. Greene, D. Schecter, and… well, you get the gist of it. Out of all these kids, there was one that I considered my best friend, L. Bodzin. The following text pertains to he, and I.


While growing up, I often watched my mother practice her folk dancing, which were performed for the German American Club, including the annual Oktoberfest celebrations. My mother is German. According to my family, for which I have no reason to doubt, my father’s family was Jewish. Neither cultures were ever discussed in our home. We considered ourselves Americans. Whatever that means.

The Zionist Narrative Project came about after I had a conversation with my life-long “best” friend. I had never given it any thought that he was Jewish, nor to the fact that most of who I had grown up with, and spent my youth with were Jewish. As for my best friend, we worked together at the Sky Lake Country Club, whose membership was exclusively Jewish. The founders of this club were Alvin Malnik, Sylvia Sidron, and Samuel Cohen, all Jews. It was while working at this club that I would become accustomed to a near weekly ritual celebration, bar and bat mitzvah’s. Unrelated to work, the only thing we were really interested in was surfing.

While still in high school my friend and I travelled endlessly in search of the perfect wave. I was also the “best man” at my friend’s wedding when he married a Catholic girl with Spanish origins. We were both merely 18-years-old at that time of this wedding. Ironically, my friend forced me to tag along on their first date. We were both 16-years old at that time. My friend borrowed his sister’s car for that date. I sat in the front, passenger seat. The beautiful girl, only 15-years-old sat between myself, and the driver who visibly trembled. None of us could have imagined at that time that my friend would eventually have three children with that girl. Any other guy would have given his left lug nut to have been in the same predicament as he. My friend’s understandable nervousness resulted in a minor accident with his sister’s car. He blamed me for the accident, even though I was not driving.

I met my friend when several kids who attained our high school, North Miami Beach Sr. High, had decided to take a surfing trip to the island of Eleuthera. A friend, M. Lazar, had introduced us, and from that point on we were inseparable. The idea of going to an island to surf enthralled us. We were 15-years-old at that time. My friend was working as a busboy at the country club, and from his introduction, I got a job their too. We schemed, and dreamed of perfect waves as we worked toward obtaining the 59.00 USD round trip ticket cost for our trip. At the time, it might as well have been 5900.00 USD, as back then, that was a lot of money.

Because my friend wasn’t allowed to go on the trip unless someone “older” went with us, my 17-year-old sister tagged along. The three of us scraped, and saved, and somehow managed to pull together three hundred dollars for the trip. We bought our tickets, rented a cottage, and surfed and explored one of the outer islands of the Bahamas for an entire week, without any adult supervision whatsoever. Paradise found!

After that trip I became a high school dropout. My friend however was studious. One evening I asked my friend what he was going to do when school was over? He responded by saying, “I’m going to go to college.” Riding my bicycle back home that evening, a grip of fear came over me. My friend was going to go to college, and I hadn’t attended school for nearly two years! Almost immediately I returned to school, swiftly made up those two lost years, and graduated timely. Since then, I’ve attended several colleges, and universities, studying for approximately 12 years, eventually receiving a BA in communications, and a juris doctorate in law. I would also spend half a decade studying the Torah, New Testaments, history and the Hebrew, and Greek languages. It was my friend, my best friend, my Jewish friend, who planted the seed to desire, and obtain knowledge. Upon graduation from high school, my friend left our hometown, and went away to study engineering. While most teenagers that enter a university bring along a skateboard, or perhaps a case of beer, my friend brought along his teenage wife, and their newborn child. We remained in contact, seeing each other on breaks over the next four years.

Eventually my friend and I relocated from the city of Miami, which was the city of our birth, to Southern California. My friend got a job at the Navy Lab: NOSC in San Diego, and I moved to Hollywood, becoming a screenwriter and project developer for a Japanese film production company. I also played music in clubs, and occasionally got a bit part, or a stunt performance in entirely forgettable films. Over time I would become an artist’s agent, and partner in with Japanese film producer, Junichi Mimura, and Korean producer Hye Young Choi.

During the entire period I resided in California, I made sure to stay in touch with my friend. This was a task not so easy to accomplish as cell phones, and the internet were not available as of yet. One commonality that remained consistent in our lives, despite our differences was surfing. We made sure to find time to get together and surf, often at Trestles, one of the best surf spots in California. Of all the scorched beaches that we sat upon, staring out into the shimmering sea, at no time had we ever discussed religion, Israel, Palestine, Christianity, or any other “religion” or philosophy, even though I had spent half a decade studying theology, which included the vulgar, and unconscionable “teachings” of the Talmud. Though my parents were German, and according to some relatives, Jew in origin, as my friend was, this too never rose as a topic of discussion. I understood, and accepted that my friend was an atheist. Over time, the more I studied theology, and history, I would become one as well.

I remained single, as my friend’s family grew. I was often present as my friend’s two girls and their older brother grew up. Over time they became adults. A few years back my friend’s oldest daughter decided to travel to Israel. I knew this child as bright, outspoken, clever, kind, generous, and talented. By that time, Facebook had become a source of communication amongst family, and friends. I observed as my friend’s daughter began to post from Israel. In a short span of time her posts were filled with hatred, hatred unjustly, and irrationally heaped upon Palestinians, who struggled with the occupation of their homeland, by Zionist interlopers. My friend’s daughter had lived a comfortable life in Southern California, as opposed to those who suffer at the hands of the occupiers of Palestine. This trip to Israel changed my friend’s daughter’s life forever. Her posts were vile. She called Palestinians animals, and even called for their expulsion from “Israel”, and for their genocide. My friend’s daughter, whose own mother was a non-Jew, became absorbed with her “Jewish” identity. My Facebook feed became so filled with hate speech that I was spending too much time blocking Jews from posting on my page. Due in part to being subjected to hate speech, and support for crimes against humanity, I no longer have a Facebook account.

My friend’s daughter was raised in a secular home, with no involvement in religious life whatsoever. Ironically, this young woman, who claims to be a Jew, was carried from inception from a woman named Clemente, her mother; a Catholic. The laws of the Knesset do not recognize my friend’s daughter, her mother, or her brother, and sister, as Jews. The ultra-Orthodox do not recognize my friends’s daughters, her mother, or her brother, and sister, as Jews. The Torah, and the Talmud makes this plain. The Talmud teaches that my friend committed an unforgivable sin when he laid down with his wife, a goyim, whom the Jews consider a beast. Yebamoth 98a states, “Non-Jewish children are sub-human, and all gentile children are animals.” Mezia 114a-114b states, “Only Jews are human beings, and non-Jews are not human beings.” Baba Kamma 37b states, “Jews have superior legal status.” According to Sanhedrin 57a, Jews may even rob and kill non-Jews. Abodah Zarah 36b states that girls who are not Jews are in a perpetual state of niddah (filth) from birth. Kethuboth 11b states, “When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing.” Sanhedrin 59a, “Murdering goyim is like killing a wild animal.” Abodah Zara 26b goes so far as to say, “Even the best of the gentiles should be killed.

Do my friend, his wife, and their offspring not understand that they are beasts, have inferior legal status, and may even be murdered by the Jew they identify with, and openly support? Does my friend not recognize that the Jews consider his wife, and his children filthy, and that it is permissible to cheat them, even murder them as some sort of sport? These are hard facts for anyone, Christians, Muslims, and my Jewish friend to swallow. Today most people, save opportunists, no longer ignore what Jewish history, and Jewish ideology really is, a disgusting, warped, false narrative, dangerous to all non-Jews.

Recently, my friend visited Israel for the first time. Upon returning home we sent a couple of emails back and forth regarding his newly discovered “revelations.” I voiced my concern about his daughter living in Israel, as it was unsafe. I also feared for her mental well-being, as Israel’s propaganda is a well-oiled machine. I told him that what the Zionists have done to Palestine is one of the worst human tragedies of our generation. My friend replied by stating, “Those terrorists would cut your head off.” I didn’t respond to that irrational outburst. Thereafter, my friend told me he was from Israel. This was ludicrous, given the fact that my friend was born in North Miami Beach, having spent his entire youth growing up in the city of Ives Estate, and most of his adult life in California. Israel’s incredibly deceptive tactics, its separatist apparatus, its endless funding from the U.S., is apparently capable of penetrating the minds of rational, educated thinkers, turning them into cogs of a wheel from which they gain no benefit. Including people like my life-long “best” friend. My friend’s sudden attachment with Israel is disturbing.

The conversation stated above brought to mind an incident that occurred in Dana Point, California. My friend had joined the real estate bubble craze that swept the U.S. in the early 2000s. He had attempted to enter into a land transaction that was in reality way over his head. The transaction failed, and my friend became distraught. My friend began to rant how the owner of the property was anti-Semitic, and was only refusing to sell the property to him, because he was a Jew. I had a California broker’s license at the time and it turned out the land was already under contract, and had been sold to another Jew. The land was also listed by a Jewish broker, who worked for a Jewish owned real estate company. Much of the community where the land was located was inhabited by Jews as well. Around that same period my friend began rationalizing an unjustified distrust in myself, and didn’t want me to be around his daughters, as he suspected I may attempt to seduce them. When I learned of this, I shuddered to think that someone I had always believed I was close to, could even imagine that I would, or even could commit such a vile act.

A study conducted by Professor Ariel Darvasi, assistant dean of the Faculty of Life Sciences at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, in coordination with Dr. Todd Lencz from The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research in New York shows that variations of the DNST3 gene make Jews more likely to develop schizophrenia, and similar other psychological disorders. Dr. Elias Akleh wrote,

Anti-goyim, supremacist, racist, genocidal Judaic ideology had developed and imprinted a severe case of paranoid complex deep in the collective psyche of Jews, whose anti-goyim hate, treachery, unethical and immoral dealings produced a reactionary collective international anti-Jewish sentiment… it is the anti-goyimism in the Jewish collective psyche, not anti-Semitism, that is the disease of the Jewish soul.

According to Dr. Arnold A. Hutschnecker, a Jew, who was also the personal psychiatrist to President Nixon, “Mental illness is a Jewish disease that is highly contagious.” Hutschnecker states,

There is no doubt in my mind that Jews have infected the American people with schizophrenia. Jews are carriers of the disease, and it will reach epidemic proportions unless science develops a vaccine to counteract it.” Dr. Hutschnecker also stated, “A Jew learns as part of his Torah and Talmud studies that crimes against gentiles, such as genocide, mass murder, child abuse etc. are holy services to god. The Torah and the Talmud, the holy books, which in reality are books of irrational hatred, mandate innocent Jewish youngsters to hate, to murder, to deceive, to expel, and to rob non-Jews in the name of God. This leaves not only a dent on their mental structure, but turns their soul into a festering spiritual deformity.

Dr. Hutschnecker’s findings were published in the American Journal of Psychiatry. The topics of Jews, and hereditary psychological disorders are covered in great detail in the following study. Bipolar I Disorder and Schizophrenia: A 440–Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism Screen of 64 Candidate Genes among Ashkenazi Jewish Case-Parent Trios. Backed up in this web site.


Zionism fulfills its dangerous ideology through opportunism, prejudice, “superiority lore,” and hatred. Zionism relies on instilling an unwarranted fear in the world’s Jewry that they are a persecuted people, when in reality, Jews, an ultra-minority, manipulate, own, and control, the finance industry, the publishing houses, the media, the medical and legal industries, scholarly writing, and highly coveted awards. Jews are over-represented in every aspect of American, and European society. Zionism, as any other form of extremism, destroys families, and other important relationships. Zionism has murdered millions, and is currently ripping innumerable people from their ancestral lands. It was Zionism that brought us WWI. It was Zionism that brought us WWII. It was Zionism that brought us the Cold War, and the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Libya. It is Zionism that is planning, and preparing for a war with Iran. Zionist will not stop there, as the “promised land” myth extends well beyond the borders of Syria and Iraq. It extends well into Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.

Zionists, and their cheerleaders must be forced to recognize that the hatred the world has for them, is due to their own calculated, unconscionable, and unjustified hatred of those who are not Zionists, or Jews. Zionists need to understand that mainstream public opinion has vastly changed, and no amount of spin will alter this fact. Zionists should no longer be permitted to wreak havoc on non-Jews, and Jews who do not agree with their ideology, especially in this world of dwindling resources. So long as the actions of the Zionists remain unchecked, there will be an increase in mental illness, paranoia, and suffering of the world’s Jewry. So long as the actions of Zionists remain unchecked, there will be an every increasing threat to national security, and our safety. The rise in hatred crimes, and the inevitable pogroms aimed at the world’s Jewry, is the direct result of Zionism injecting its ideology as that of world Jewry, which it is not. The world must reject, and isolate the Zionist, as the world has rejected and isolated anti-Semites.

The Zionist Narrative Project is dedicated to my friend, his family, and to my family, as my child, a toddler, who is half Japanese, has already been subjected to race hate crimes, and societal stigmatization (by Japanese). Having witnessed this first hand, and being subjected to it myself, I cannot in good conscience remain silent, while the endless crimes against humanity flow unabated by Zionists, who engage in their reprehensible schemes so as to create an apartheid, separatist state, that only some, but not all Jews are permitted to partake in. The occupation of Palestine must end. The Zionist regime must end, and those responsible for the endless array of crimes committed by this abject ideology must face tribunals, and sentenced accordingly.

Here’s to old friends.