The Tamimi children, born into a hell imposed upon them by savage, racist Zionist sociopaths.

“The collapse of good conscience and the absence of accountability and public scrutiny have led to crimes against humanity and violations of international law.”
— Nelson Mandela

Having spent a lifetime of witnessing the unconscionable hatred, and savagery of Zionist Jews, two recent events compelled me to no longer remain idle. Zionism is an affront to civilization, and assuredly the enemy of the world. In a nutshell, Zionists, and their ideology, must be eradicated from the face of this Earth. Forever!

Israel’s morally bankrupt succession of leaders, including current prime minister Netanyahu, who remains under investigation from one corrupt scandal to another, spouts Israel as the only “democracy” that exists in the Middle-East. In fact, Israel discriminates against all non-Jews, and denies fundamental civil, and human rights to Christians, Muslims and Jews who are married to non-Jews.

Israel is not a democratic society. Military conscription is forced on each “citizen.” There is no private land ownership. There is no free speech for journalists. Israel has a nuclear program, that is not under the scrutiny of any watchdog agency. Israel has no respect for international law, and has a laundry list of war crimes to answer for. The occupiers of Palestine should never be construed as any more than mere irrational racists, and lunatic zealots, who for generations have falsely proclaimed themselves to be the “chosen” ones, of a deity that has never existed.

Two recent incidents caused me to raise my pen in protest, the kidnapping of 16-year-old Ahed Tamimi, and the execution of double amputee, Ibrahim Thurayyah. Both innocent victims of Israel’s murderous IDF.

Ahed Tamimi

Ahed Tamimi was arrested for “slapping” an IDF soldier. Less than half an hour earlier, one of those soldiers had shot Ahed’s 15-year-old cousin in the mouth, point blank, with a rubber coated steel bullet. The bullet lodged in the child’s skull, causing irreparable brain damage, that left the boy in a coma. Israel has murdered nearly 2200 Palestinian children since 2000.

Ahed Tamimi was abducted from her home in Nabi Saleh in the West Bank, during a pre-dawn raid carried out by Israeli Occupation Forces. According to Ahed’s father, at least thirty soldiers were involved in the raid and Ahed’s arrest. During the raid, occupation forces assaulted family members, including Nariman, Ahed’s mother, and Ahed’s 14-year old brother. The family’s cell phones, and computers were confiscated during the raid. Later that day, after learning that Ahed had been taken to a police station near Jabaa village, Nariman traveled there to be present for her daughter’s interrogation. However, upon arrival at the station, Nariman was arrested as well.

The Tamimi family is no stranger to brutal Zionist oppression, as family members have been regularly harassed, detained, beaten, and shot by IDF countless times over the years. The family is frequently targeted by the Zionist regime for their role in organizing protests in the village of Nabi Saleh, demanding the end of Israeli encroachment on their lands, and the return of riparian rights, which have been denied the entire village.

The same cowardly murderers who attempted to execute Tamimi’s cousin, had jumped a wall, trespassing onto Tamimi’s family property. The cowards, in full body armour, and wielding assault rifles, had attempted to hide from angry children who had witnessed Tamimi’s cousin being shot. Ahed, discovered the trespassers cowering behind a wall, and confronted them in an effort to get them to leave. When the trespasser would not leave, Ahed slapped one in the face. If what had occurred on that day had happened in the U.S., most Americans would have shot the racist trespasser in the face, and blown the back of his head onto the well he cowered behind. In America, Ahed would have received a medal for courage, for standing her ground. In the occupied land, the sociopaths that initiate confrontation on a daily basis, call for Ahed to receive a “life sentence” for merely slapping a criminal trespasser.

In the following video, Ahed states that she is able to view the ocean from her home, a mere 30-minute walking distance. Yet, Ahed has never been to the ocean. Ever! This is because the petty Zionist occupiers won’t permit it. Ahed states that if it wasn’t for the occupation, which often keeps a gate shut, preventing the children in her village from attending school, she’d be a soccer player. Instead of attending school however, as a result of the occupation, Ahed is forced to spend her days protesting the fact that her entire village’s water supply had been cut off, and diverted to a nearby, illegal, Jewish settlement.

As of this writing, Ahed remains in military custody, facing 12 counts and potentially ten years in prison. Ahed is no doubt being beaten, starved, tortured, humiliated, and subjected to endless interrogations by her life-long tormentors. Some people forfeit their right to life. Those that occupy Palestine, qualify as the pinnacle of those that should have never been born.

NB. Ahed Tamimi – Living Resistance Tour video backed up in this web site.

Ibrahim Thurayyah

Not long before Ahed’s kidnapping, Ibrahim Thurayyah was executed by IDF solders. Prior to Thurayyah’s execution style murder, in 2008, he lost both of his legs, and a kidney due to an Israeli air raid. During the raid, Thurayyah was shot because he raised a Palestinian flag. After becoming a double amputee, Thurayyah washed cars to provide for his family. Two days prior to Thurayyah’s murder, he filmed a message to the Zionist savages, “I’m passing a message to the Zionist occupation army. This land is our land.”

Zionists are not only the enemy of the Palestinians, Syrians, Iranians, Arabs, Shia, and Sunnis. Zionists are the enemy of Americans. Zionists are the enemy of all of Christianity. Zionists are the enemy of the world. So long as Zionism exists, there will be no peace in this world. The world of our children, and of future generations, depends on wiping out Zionist extremism. Even if it means genocide to those that call themselves Israelis.

Ibrahim Thurayyah

Ibrahim Thurayyah

Thurayyah murdered under the guise of “throwing a rock.” How far can a legless man throw a rock?

Contact the following Zionist “lawmakers”, and and let them know how you feel about their call for genocide. (Grounds for war crimes trials in the International Criminal Court.)

Likud party member, Oren Hazan is a court determined hard drug user, prostitute client, and convicted felon. Hazan is an Israeli “lawmaker.” This sociopath hides behind a small band of thugs, as he terrorizes elderly women, and children. 


Hundreds of Palestinian children are detained in Israeli prisons. Their only crime is protesting Zionist occupation of their land. Oren Hazan, shown pictured with Donald Trump, was recently determined by a Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court as a user of hard drugs and hirer of prostitutes. Hazan is also a convicted felon who enjoys assaulting elderly women, and children. Hazan is an Israeli “lawmaker”, the kind of “representative” the Israelis choose to voice their interests. Hazan attempts to amass a following on Twitter, and Facebook through vitriolic hate speech, and a threatening demeanor. Regardless, the lunatic racist has failed miserably in this regard, as he barely has any following whatsoever. The following is a post Hazan placed on Twitter, as he waited to board a bus that carried parents to a prison where their children were being unlawfully detained.

קצת לפני, יצאתי גם אני מביתי באריאל לכיון הכלא.
לא, זו לא התחלה של שאלה בפסיכומטרי – ביקורי המשפחות זו מציאות שחייבים לעצור ולכן באתי כדי להתעמת עם משפחות חיות האדם.
אני כבר כאן מחכה שיגיעו, אעדכן.

About an hour ago, Palestinians from Gaza went to Nafha Prison to visit the scum they see as family.
I came to confront the animals. Family visits must be stopped.
I’m waiting for the animals to arrive now.
I’ll update.

Below is a video of Hazan after boarding the aforementioned bus. Note: It’s a video posted on The Zionist controlled U.S. media won’t publish such atrocities in the U.S.. or Europe.

Backup screenshot from the original twitter video with translation.
Backup of the actual video in this web site.

In the video, Hazan states, “Your son is a dog. He is a dog. You come to visit the scum, whom you see as your family members.” “I am a member of the Knesset.” “I will make sure that you are not allowed to visit here anymore.” Hazan threatened an elderly Palestinian woman stating, “If you don’t pass on the message that we want our children back, you won’t see your son or your husband.” During one particular rant, Hazan told an elderly woman, “We will show your son to the ground” and “if you keep on like this, you won’t see life anymore.” Hazan has posted numerous death threats on Facebook and Twitter, but neither “social” entity deletes these accounts.

Regarding Hazan’s conduct, the Red Cross said, “Families have the right to visit their loved ones in a dignified manner,” Suhair Zakkout, spokesperson for the ICR, said, “It is the responsibility of competent authorities to ensure that visits take place safely and without interference.”

Ayelet Shaked, a mother of two, and a “justice minister.” Contact:

Shaked, called for the genocide of all Palestinian. Her call for genocide is apparently not enough for her Facebook account to be deleted. Facebook is owned by Zionist Mark Zuckerberg. The following article exposes Shaked’s call for genocide, and includes racist rants posted on Shaked’s Facebook account.



Naftali Bennett has four children, and is the Minister of Education. He called for 16-year-old Ahed Tamimi to face life imprisonment, for slapping an IDF soldier after he had shot her cousin point blank in the face with a rubber coated, steel bullet, placing the child in a coma.


Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu, father of three, is under investigation regarding numerous counts of corruption. His former defense minister stated that there are too many crimes Netanyahu is being investigated, for him not be indicted. Netanyahu wife Sara, was recently indicted for misuse of public funds, and the theft of more than 100,000 USD through fraud. Other crimes of the Netanyahu’s have been exposed by their former housekeeper.



Israel has faced five years of drought, that, along with the BDS Boycott is damaging the nation’s economy. The boycott alone costs Israel 5B annually. Netanyahu’s brother-in-law however stated the drought was divine punishment for a prisoner swap deal, where IDF soldier Gilad Shalit was exchange for more than 1,000 Palestinian back in 2011. “I ask myself what happened five or six years ago, which apparently caused great anger in the sky. A great scandal and a collective sin of all the people of Israel, the release of the terrorists in the Schalit deal.

JANUARY 1ST, 2018 UPDATE: Ahed Tamimi Indicted Twelve Counts

“To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”
— Voltaire

They would charge us with the crime of being born.

“They would charge us with the crime of being born.”

On the evening of Thursday, December 28th 2017, the family and friends of Nariman, Ahed and Nour Tamimi gathered in the courtroom at Ofer military prison, a prison also known as Incarceration Facility 385. The family had gathered to hear the latest verdict in regards to the detained Tamimi women, Ahed, Nariman, and Nour.

Ofer Prison is run by the Israel Prison Service and used to be operated by the Israel Defense Forces’ Military Police Corps. When under IDF control, it was capable of housing 800 prisoners. Ofer Prison is headed by Colonel Eran Fire, and now detains approximately 1,250 prisoners. All of the prisoners held at the facility are Palestinians.

Ofer prison is notorious for prisoner right abuses. Non-governmental organizations such has Machsom Watch have continuously reported the imprisonment of children in Ofer Prison. A delegation of British MPs visiting the facilities alleged human rights abuses citing, “The children all too often had their hands are cuffed behind their backs.” Other observations were made by a delegation of leading British lawyers who visited the facilities, observed the use of iron shackles on children, and determined the prison was in direction violation of Article 40 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the UN Standard Minimum Rules.

Ahed and Nour, were arrested in a pre-dawn raid by Israeli forces after a video of them slapping and pushing armed soldiers in an attempt to remove them from their home went viral over the Internet. Nariman Tamimi, Ahed’s mother, was also arrested when she went to Binyamin police station to inquire about the well-being of her 16-year-old daughter, and to be present at interrogations, as the guardian, due to the fact that Ahed is a minor, and Israeli laws is supposed to have a parent present during interrogations of minors. Interrogators have not permitted a guardian to be present at Ahed’s interrogations, violating international law. It is being reported that Ahed has invoked her right to remain silent, and refuses to cooperate.

During Thursday’s hearing Nour, 20, was brought into the courtroom in handcuffs, her small body was surrounded by numerous prison guards. Nour blew kisses to her mother and father, and asked in whispers about her siblings. The prosecution demanded Nour to remain detained for five more days for interrogation purposes. The prosecution later asked that Nariman’s detention be extended for six more days, and Ahed’s for another seven.

No charges have been brought for the Tamimi women. Nariman is being held for aggravated assault of a soldier, incitement and obstructing a soldier, and partaking in public disturbance. Ahed is being held under the pretext of assault, and insulting soldiers. Nawal Tamimi, Ahed’s aunt, said, “If they could they would charge us with the crime of being born Palestinian.

Nour’s mother, Boshra Tamimi, tried to hold herself together as her daughter sat just a few meters away. After Nour and Nariman were escorted out of the room, Boshra said, “This is a kangaroo trial.”

Ahed’s hearing was chaotic, The proceedings were held in Hebrew, and the translator made a poor interpretation of what was being discussed. At one point, the translator seemed as if he was falling asleep, and in another incident walked out of the court mid-translation to take a phone call.

The prosecution began to build its case against Ahed as the child tried to make sense of what was being said. Ahed has invoked her right to remain silent during her entire detention. This has frustrated the prosecution that generally relies on coerced confessions statements used to obtain convictions. For failing to speak, “Israeli interrogators put [Ahed] through a rough process, long hours of no food, and in rooms with terrible conditions, but she expressed her right to silence,” Bassem told the media.

Ahed wore a brown prison jacket that was twice her size. She smiled at her family and mouthed “I’m okay.” She sent kisses and love to them as well. “If a stranger were to hear about the way the prosecution is speaking about my daughter they’d think they were talking about some larger than life presence, some sort of frightening boogyman,” said Bassem.

Gaby Lasky, the Tamimi’s lawyer, reminded the court of “the right to resist the invasion of one’s home” and “right to object to occupation.” The charges the prosecution is pushing for are assault, incitement, and violence. There is no mention of the soldier’s violence, including shooting Ahed’s cousin in the face at point blank range, execution style. The prosecution also failed to state that the soldiers were trespassing onto the Tamimi property, land considered occupied under international law. After the end of the hearing Bassem walked out with pessimism, “I think Nariman and Ahed will be sentenced to prison.

While it seemed that Ahed and Nariman would be facing harsh convictions, the judge agreed to the possibility of releasing Nour on bail early next week, only if the prosecution did not appeal. The judge affirmed that Ahed and Nariman are to remain detained until the indictment process begins. Their next hearing will be January 1st, 2018.

As Ahed’s hearing ended, she was escorted out, her father was left with the fear that his daughter may be facing jail time. Nawal fell into tears and loudly proclaimed to Ahed as she was being led away, “We love you, we are with you, stay strong my dear!”

Outside of Ofer prison, Nawal and Boshra begin asking about Nariman’s cousin, Manal Tamimi. Mere hours before the trial Manal was arrested by the IDF as she stood outside Ofer’s military prison gates. Manal was taken to another military prison complex in Hasharon. “Our people, continue to be taken by the occupation in the name of justice,” Nawal sighs. They begin their journey back to their village of Nabi Saleh, and the homes that are missing the voices of their mothers and daughters.

Israel’s cowardly thugs don’t just target young boys in their campaign to instill fear and to intimidate. They’ve turned to young girls as well. How humiliating it must be to arrest several young women, who refuse to cooperate, or to be intimidated by racist sociopaths, as the entire world looks on in scorn.

On the first day of 2018, Israel indicted Ahed Tamimi. On that same day, the IDF murdered her seventeen-year-old cousin Musaab. Ahed was indicted on charges including assault for punching an Israeli soldier in the face, an incident which made her an international hero. Israeli authorities are pursuing a total of 12 charges against Tamimi, her lawyer Gaby Lasky said on Monday. The charges include stone-throwing, incitement and making threats, Lasky said.

Prosecutors are seeking five charges against her mother Nariman, and also filed charges against her cousin Nour. Nour Naji al-Tamimi was arrested on December 20th after she and Ahed were filmed slapping, soldiers who were trespassing on the family’s property, and who were armed with M16 guns, helmets and body armor. Nour al-Tamimi was charged with aggravated assault of a soldier and disturbing soldiers carrying out their duties.

The soldiers, according to the prosecutor, were on the Tamimi’s property to prevent Palestinians from throwing stones at Israeli motorists. The Nabi Saleh village that the Tamimi’s live in is a mere one street. However, no Israelis drive in the remote area, as weekly protests due to riparian rights being diverted to an illegal Jewish settlement.

Bassem al-Tamimi, Ahed’s father and an activist opposing the Israeli Halamish settlement in Nabi Saleh, said his daughter’s actions came after Israeli soldiers shot her 14-year-old cousin, Mohammed, in the head.

“The IOF raided our home and arrested my daughter Ahed after the Israeli media attacked her for stopping the soldiers in front of our yard where they had shot Ahed’s cousin in the head,” he stated. “They had intended to kill him.” The boy who was shot is Mohammed al-Tamimi, who was placed in a medically induced coma.

Between December 5th and 18th, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs reported at least 345 cases of Palestinian children seriously injured by Israeli forces. More than a third of those injuries were from M16 guns. In a report by Defence for Children International-Palestine, six head injuries were documented as the most serious, including two children with permanent eye loss.

Mohammed Tamimi being choked by an IDF soldier, while having a broken arm.

Mohammed Tamimi being choked by an IDF soldier
while simultaneously having a broken arm.

Mohammed Tamimi after being shot in the head by and IDF soldier, and in a medically induced coma.

Mohammed Tamimi after being shot in the head by and IDF soldier,
and in a medically induced coma.

Mohammed Tamimi after having surgery to remove a bullet that was lodged in the back of his skull.

Mohammed Tamimi after having surgery to remove a bullet that was lodged
in the back of his skull.

Backup of this video in this web site.

Mohamed Tamimi, after surgery, showing partial skull loss.

Mohamed Tamimi, after surgery, showing partial skull loss.

NB. The photo above is a replacement to match the caption, as the original hasn’t been found yet in the Wayback Machine.

Mustafa Tamimi after being executed by IDF. No charges were ever brought against the soldier, even where clear and convincing evidence showed Mustafa was shot execution style.

Mustafa Tamimi after being executed by IDF. No charges were ever brought against
the soldier, even where clear and convincing evidence showed Mustafa was shot
execution style.

As the western media ignores this case, and as the story goes viral worldwide the one thing that has occurred in this case is Israel will not be able to repair its image, no matter how much money is dumped in propaganda campaigns.

No doubt, Ahed is heading to prison as part of Israel’s genocide against Palestinians. While Israel will believed this will silence her, and her mother, and cousin, it will make these three brave women prisoner’s of conscience. Hopefully, it will be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Ahlam Tamimi is a Jordanian national known for assisting in carrying out the Sbarro restaurant suicide bombing, on August 9th, 2001, in which 15 civilians were killed. Ahlam was convicted by an Israeli military tribunal and received multiple life sentences. However, Ahlam was released as part of the Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange. Israel exchanged one thousand Palestinians for a single IDF soldier. Today, Ahlam hosts a television show about Palestinians who are detained in Israeli prisons. Ahlam is currently on the FBI’s most wanted list.

+972 Magazine published an article by Lisa Goldman titled, Nabi Saleh is where I lost my Zionism. Goldman had been reporting from the West Bank for years before she went to Nabi Saleh, covering the weekly Friday protests. Referring to the recent Ahed Tamimi case, Goldman writes, “The Israeli media has, for the most part, promoted the army’s narrative about the incident of a restrained and mature soldier who dealt admirably with a difficult and stressful situation involving enemy actors.”

Israeli Seventh Eye, an organization under the Israeli Ministry of Strategic affairs run by Gilad Erdan, is a ministry of Hasbara, which has infused millions of dollars into various organizations worldwide in an attempt to bolster Israel’s image through the appearance of “independent” organizations. Stand With Us, is one such organization, which is extremely crude, and racist toward anyone critical of Israel, constantly relying on the old catch phrase, anti-Semitic.

Israeli media, Yediot Aharonot hosted an anti-BDS conference last year, and is the same organization which was rolling present when Knesset lawmaker Oren Hazan got on a bus which Palestinian families were using to visit family members, mostly children, who are being detained in an Israeli military prison. Once on the bus, Oren, who openly calls for the expulsion and genocide of all Palestinians, began shouting, and engaging in provacative conduct, calling the Palestinians “dogs”, “human scum” and “beasts.” Hazan even threatened to murder an elderly woman he berated, including threatening to murder their imprisoned children.

The relationship between the Ministry of Strategic Affairs, and Yedioth Ahronoth is part of a much broader, and well-funded campaign. In June and July of 2017 the ministry spent nearly two million USD on propaganda aimed at Israel’s general public, American, and Europeans. The Ministry of Strategic Affairs is larger than any of the other campaign that have been exposed by The Seventh Eye in recent years.

Musaab Tamimi first to be killed by Israel in 2018

Musaab Tamimi first to be killed by Israel in 2018

Musaab Tamimi first to be killed by Israel in 2018

Relatives of slain teen Musab al-Tamimi mourn at a Ramallah hospital in the occupied West Bank.

Musab Tamimi, a seventeen-year-old child was shot in the neck by Israeli forces in a village north of Ramallah, Palestinian health ministry says. Israeli forces have shot the boy on the northern outskirts of the occupied West Bank town of Ramallah, according to Palestinian officials.

The Palestinian health ministry identified the boy as Musaab al-Tamimi from the village of Deir Nitham, where Wednesday’s shooting took place. “He died shortly after the occupation forces fired a bullet into his neck,” Maria Aqraa, a spokesman for the ministry, told Al Jazeera. “He was transferred to a hospital in Ramallah and he passed away minutes later,” she added.

Aqraa said Musaab was shot during a confrontation with the Israeli army.

According to the Times of Israel, the Israeli army said Musaab had “appeared to be holding a gun.” This is the typical ploy of the savagely racist Zionist regime that has been targeting the Tamimi family in extrajudicial murders for several years, due to the family’s prominent activism, which exposes the pathological regimes racism, and hatred of Palestinians and Arabs.

The world silently watches the extermination of Palestinians’ children

Musaab was a member of the Tamimi family, who lives in the adjacent village of Nabi Saleh, where prominent teen activist Ahed Tamimi was arrested on December 19th, for slapping an IDF officer, and faces twenty years in prison.

Ahed slapped a soldier who was trespassing on the family’s property, after Israeli forces had shot her 15-year-old cousin in the face.

The family has been persecuted for years by the Israeli army which has detained and killed several of the family during weekly protests held on the street of their small village. The protest is because of the theft of their lands, and water source for the nearby illegal Jewish-only settlement, Halamish.

Musaab’s father, Firas, said the Israeli army has been provoking the residents of both villages for months. He told Al Jazeera that Israeli soldiers raided Deir Nitham at about 8:00 am local time on Wednesday, the day the boy was shot dead.

The occupation army has been raiding both Deir Nitham and Nabi Saleh day in and day out. Their provocation includes blocking the They come in, harass the residents, raid our homes at night and throw sound bombs in the street. This has been our reality every day,” said Firas.

We cannot just keep quiet and keep watching. No one is listening to us. No one feels the pain that we’re going through. The world is just silently watching.”

Since December 6th, when U.S. President Trump provoked the Palestinians by declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, sixteen Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli army.

Musaab’s killing, which is unrelated to the protests against Trump’s move, makes him the first Palestinian to be shot dead by Israeli forces in 2018.

The Zionist narrative, Mohammed Tamimi was not shot by IDF in an extrajudicial murder attempt. He fell off his bike!

The cousin of Palestinian teen Ahed Tamimi was forced to “confess” during an interrogation that he was not shot in his head during by IDF military, but rather “injured” in a bike accident, according to Israel’s Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories, Maj. Gen. Yoav Mordechai. Mordechai posted this on a Facebook post in Arabic.

The boy’s “confession” came after being threatened with beatings, which included being assaulted in the head where the child’s brain is exposed.

Mohammed Tamimi, the 15-year-old cousin of Ahed, who had slapped an Israel Defense Forces soldiers on December 15th, 2017, is currently facing twenty years in prison. Ahed slapped the trespassing IDF after demanding he, and others leave her property. The slap came about one hour after the IDF had attempted an extrajudicial killing of the boy, after being shot point-blank in the head. A bullet lodged into the boy’s brain, which required surgery for removal. Nearly one-third of the boy’s skull had to be cut away, and removed in order to retrieve the lodged bullet.

The boy was placed in a medically induced coma, and after miraculously surviving, sent home where he was not to leave his house for at least six months, as he awaited further surgeries.

The bullet removed from Mohammed Tamimi’s head (L), and CT scan of bullet in the child’s brain (R).

The bullet removed from Mohammed Tamimi’s head (L), and CT scan of bullet in the child’s brain (R).

At the time, Tamimi was seriously wounded and was operated on by doctors who extracted bullet fragments from his skull. This matter was well extensively publicized in world media. Mohammed was arrested in a early hours raid at his home, in his village, along with nine other Palestinian youths. Most are minors.

Tamimi was released after his interrogation, and the IDF had obtained the “confession.”

Writing on Almunasseq, COGAT’s Arabic-language Facebook page, Mordechai challenged the story behind Tamimi’s head injury. Mordechai wrote that while being questioned by police, the teen “admitted” that he was injured by falling off his bicycle. How one falls off a bicycle and ends up being shot in the face point blank was not something Mordechai was able to reconcile.

According to Mordechai, an IDF general, the fall “caused a blow to his skull when hitting the handlebars.” Mordechai claimed that it was the injury from this accident, and not a bullet, that prompted doctors to operate and remove a part of the teen’s skull. Doctors tell a different story.

What is the truth about Mohammed Tamimi? His father claimed that his son had a rubber bullet in his skull and that the doctors had to remove part of his skull in order take it out,” the COGAT chief wrote, adding sarcastically, “Wonder of wonders. Today, the boy himself confessed to the police and to COGAT that in December his skull was injured when he was riding his bicycle.”

Mordechai went on describing the Tamimi’s as a, “culture of lies and incitement.” His post included an image of the story he referenced with the words “fake news” plastered on it in Arabic.

However, the version of events described by Mordechai does not coincide eyewitness accounts obtained by Haaretz, according to which the day Tamimi was injured, IDF forces were firing at Palestinians who were throwing stones, with the aim of dispersing them. Tamimi, witnesses said, was standing on a ladder behind a wall and was hit in the head the moment he raised it above the ledge.

Haaretz has also seen Tamimi’s CAT scan and images of the bullet fractures removed from his skull.

Residents of Nabi Saleh said Tamimi told the police that he had been hurt in a bike accident and not shot by the IDF so that he would be released after being detained. They said he was terrified and frightened that if he said he had been shot, they would continue to detain him indefinitely.

After Mordechai’s post was published, the Tamimi family responded that “what began as a bizarre attempt to prove that we are not even a family has deteriorated into a denial of reality.”

In response to request to comment from Haaretz, army sources said that Tamimi was questioned by the police, and they cannot confirm the origins of his injury. The question arises, why did the IDF raid the boy’s home, and arrest him in the first place?

Perhaps next, the Zionist war criminals will exhume the grave of Tamimi’s cousin Musaab, another child who was shot in the neck by IDF police on January 1st, 2018 in a targeted extrajudicial killing. The Tamimi family has had numerous members murdered in extrajudicial killings by the Isreali occupiers. If these matters occurred, in any other country the perpetrators would face arrest, and war crimes trial in The Hague.

Zionism is a criminal ideology. Zionism must be eradicated from the face of the Earth.