“The custom to put others in the line of fire is a recurring theme in Judaism. It boils down to the Levite Korahites’ willingness to sacrifice their ordinary Jewish subjects in order to ensure their own survival. This should be a historic warning to modern-day Israelites: their orthodox government would not hesitate to risk the lives of the many for the sake of the survival of the few in the orthodox elite. The citizens of Israel will have to think about how to remove the systemic threat that comes from within their own ranks.”
― A.J. Deus

The international community considers the establishment of Jewish settlements in the occupied territories of Palestine illegal under international law, because the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949, which Israel is a signatory to, prohibits countries from moving population into territories occupied in a war.

Read the full text of United Nations Resolution 2334 (2016) here: https://un.org/press/en/2016/sc12657.doc.htm.


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Yo Bro,
Great stuff!
But I guess it’s an up hill battle to get brainwashed people to use their “brains”!
Jews can use broken gravestones to get world sympathy; yet the broken bodies of Palestinians gets no recognition or sympathy!
And then you have the cry of, “Antisemitic”!
If you point out that Jews have murdered children in Gaza, you’re Antisemitic!